Centillion’s Corporate Presentation

Project Brief
About Project

Centillion, A Finance oriented firm wants to re-brand their entire corporate identity. They want it catchy and yet informative and colorfull. The first thing they want us to do was to prepare a corporate presentation that is too professional that reflects their working potentioal and the viewers get a glance of their entire business.

Presentation includes their overall services and offerings with a short information on 'Why to invest'.

Project Information
  • Client: Centilion
  • Industry: Finance
  • Services: Graphics Design, UX Design
  • Duration: 7 Days
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Financial Presentation that is easy to understand for all

Financial service provider's first goal is to build trust in customer and there we have a challenge to make a presentation that is being viewed or refered by the corporate officials that needs to be very professional at a single glance. Creativity is not only enough for this presentation but the message behind every slide is also important

Graphical representation which looks trendy

The second important thing on which customer was emphasising is for the trendy look and feel so that it becomes a step different from other competitors.

Conceptual use of logo of the brand

Customer not only wants to make a simple presentation which is discriptive full of infographics but want to use the logo of brand in a creative way that reflects the brand identity and helps to build trust in audience.


Graphical Representation
with easy UX

  • Mobile Ready Websites
  • User Centric Designs
  • Increased Conversations
  • Augmented Engagements

From the rough draft to professional presentation

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  • Mobile Ready Websites
  • User Centric Designs
  • Increased Conversations
  • Augmented Engagements

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