Config 2023❤️ The Most Recent Figma Updates You Should Be Aware Of !


Published: July 17, 2023


Figma Config was held in San Francisco, California on June 21 and 22, 2023. Until this occasion, the company has not hosted a live event since the COVID-19 breakout. As a result, in addition to the millions that watched it online, over 8,000 individuals attended the event in person. Figma Config 2023 did not disappoint with its diverse lineup of speakers, team collaborations, and updates. Here are our thoughts on the most important Figma releases!

Figma Autolayout

One of Figma’s most important features is its auto layout, which allows users and teams to generate successful prototypes for a variety of displays. But its improved wrapping astounded us all! Users can now select the wrap option in their auto layouts in addition to making horizontal and vertical changes. When wrap is paired with the min and max width and height characteristics of each element, something magical happens.

Resize less and design more with new auto layout use cases: Wrapping to the next line and setting minimum and maximum widths and heights.

Figma Variables

Variables in Figma can help unlock design tokens and theming! Learn how you can use variables for color, string, number, and boolean to adapt your design for different contexts and align closer to code.

Instead of styles, this method will focus on the variables you declared. The Variables configuration, like the Styles choices, allows you to adjust the colours. But wait, there’s more! You can configure several groups of variables to respond to certain situations.

Figma DevMode

This is a fantastic feature that developers will adore; figma is no longer just for designers; developers can now utilise it for their next digital product as well.

The DevMode has raised the bar for collaborative work between Designers and Developers! You can see a toggle with this combination of symbols (/>) symbolising the DevMode next to your old and familiar Share button.


Figma is unquestionably becoming the generation’s favoured UX/UI Design tool. And the platform’s aptitude for the job is amply demonstrated by these enhancements and functionalities. Its auto-layout and variable updates will make designers’ work easier, and its DevMode will increase communication between the Design and Development teams to ensure successful projects.



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