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Last updated on May 31st, 2022

Sciversal is a platform to summarize and share your published research study in 10 slides or less. With increasing numbers of papers being published every day, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with new information. An abstract is usually too shallow and does not allow viewers to look at the data for themselves. With Sciversal, you can share your research study along with the actual data (figures and slides from previous presentations) in 10 slides or less. This 10-slide format, which we call a minipub, should only take ~5 min to go through, shorter than a full paper but more detailed than a text or graphical abstract.

Service Provided
  • UX Design
  • Logo Design & Brand Identity
  • Product Engineering Service
Project Technology
  • My SQL

Techytt executed the project well. Their development skills met all expectations and received positive feedback. Project managers communicated weekly progress via phone calls. They had a high level of professionalism, innovation, and character.

Rushi Trivedi

Design Wireframes

We presented some wireframes with interactive prototypes based on the brainstorming session with the customer.

During the research and evaluation phase, we ran through a few proofs-of-concept (POCs) to see if the concept would work. We created a procedure and reviewed it with customers that were broken down into parts so that the users could grasp it. Because the domain's users are students, scientists, and professors, we need to simplify the entire flow into the simplest and smallest steps possible in order to upload the research article as quickly as possible.

UI Design

We presented various High Fidelity Designs with interactive prototypes based on the brainstorming session with the customer.

With the help of our technological expertise, we converted the study paper into a 10-slide ppt, incorporated the office suite to help manipulate the presentation, and users can download it in their desired format. We turned the wireframe into high-fidelity designs and gave it a modern appearance and feel with a fantastic user experience when the main hurdle was overcome.

Key Benefits

  • Product automation that changes research papers to slides
  • Easy user navigation with responsive design


Development of a web platform for an educational vendor in the scientific domain. The ultimate product was a responsive design framework that allowed PowerPoint presentations to be converted into slideshows. The product engineering service was instrumental in attaining the required automation, as well as the overall development architecture in, which was designed with future expansion in mind.

Customer Experience

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