One App for your Finance Content

Project Brief

Last updated on May 31st, 2022

Anchoredge, a finance domain brand, approached us with a request for a simple mobile app that focuses primarily on the content that the user needs to use on their platform. We needed to make sure that the app’s primary users were from the finance industry, so we needed to make sure that it had a simple UI that helped them get what they needed with the fewest possible clicks.

Services provided
  • Mobile App UX Design
  • Graphics Design
Technology used u
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Wireframes - Workflow

A simple user flow that directs users to the information they require.

The app is primarily focused on financial content that the user will utilize on a regular basis. As a result, our team must build a simple process for customers who are not very tech aware, so that they can utilize the app on their own to access the content they require. The app's major functions were to download financial content such as creatives, movies, and educational resources.

User Persona

Users that are associated within the workflow

Our team has identified the users that will be using the app and its related features. Based on the user interviews with client and customers we found there will be different set of users that are a part of the entire app like people that are mainly linked with the Finance and Investment related services, people that are working in Mutual Funds as well as Stock market, moreover people who has just downloaded for informative purpose. The app also has a feature to train-educate the users with informative videos and ebooks.

Key Benefits

  • User Centric Easy Design
  • Self Learning User Experience
  • Minimal Design Elements
  • Simplest Navigation


The mobile app UX was made in a simple way that the users of the app can easily use the app and make the most use of it in a better way for their all financial-content, materials they require. Moreover the downloads of the app where made so easy that the user can easily share it from the app itself.

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