Product UX Design that connects employee with surveys

Project Brief

GrowMetrix is an Australian firm that specializes in providing one-of-a-kind services based on mapping and analyzing any company’s insights. They collect and store detailed information from consumers and workers in a single system of record for all interactions. They came to us for help with creating a pleasant user experience for their new product, which is a wholly digital version of their traditional work processes. They wish to create a portal where users can engage and participate in various types of surveys, and management officials may see the reports in their individual accounts.

Service Provided
  • Product UX Design
  • Journey Mapping
  • Concept Ideation
  • Product prototyping
Tools Used
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD

The client was pleased with their web app's design, thanks to Techytt's efforts. A collaborative partner, the team led regular meetings and communicated effectively to ensure an efficient workflow. Their creativity and quick turnaround time ensured the project's success.

Irina Orbes

Scope & Timeline

We Defined the project's main goals and outlined the scope of work

The most difficult part was grasping the complexity of a program that analyses a large dataset and generates an overall report based on user interactions. Furthermore, data is segmented based on user identities, necessitating a simplified digital experience. A negative experience at any touchpoint can result in client attrition and, as a result, business loss.

Product Architechture

Defining the system's proper workflow and resulting in a great customer experience.

Following a series of discussions, we discovered that there are multiple users and worked on the user mapping section following a constructive exercise, we developed a proper system workflow from the beginning to the survey's final result.


We wire-framed the mockups and concepts as part of the design process.

We finished each process with the customer in the form of wireframes, and the wireframes were built to serve the project's point of contact. The wireframes were created as part of a workflow to ensure that the output was correct.

High Fidelity Screens

Design mockups with clickable prototype for end-to-end user interaction.

We created high-fidelity mockups based on wireframes that have a corporate brand identity that reflects the brand and helps the user interact with it. Furthermore, the entire mockup is built on workflows, which we translated into clickable prototypes so that it can be thoroughly tested before being developed.

Key Benefits

  • Re-imagined process for survey management
  • Design elements of product can be scaled keeping in mind the future functionalities
  • Designed process oriented workflow of the system
  • End to end user flow tested for better experience


Our team was able to deliver what the customer had requested using key design principles. The team's innovation and quick turnaround time ensured the project's success.

Customer Experience

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