Reimagined a fintech brand to improve customer experience

Project Brief

Wealthstreet is a fintech company that provides its consumers with a variety of investment-related services. They provide a service platform for both clients and employees that is used to create accounts, manage customer accounts, and manage investments, among other things.

Their main goal is to improve the portal’s experience so that they may increase their consumers’ overall trust in the brand and increase sales through appealing design and simplicity.

Service Provided
  • Product UX Design
  • Concept Ideation
  • Product prototyping
Tools Used
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD

Design Process

A well-thought-out design process that clarified the actual efforts necessary and covered the complete scope of work.

The biggest problem was comprehending the system's user base, which is diverse for a finance area and includes people who aren't particularly tech-smart, thus the UX we needed to develop had to be basic while also looking modern. Furthermore, the system was already in operation without a proper UX and it was a portal that served the purpose, but we discovered there were many loopholes as a result of which it was a pain point for the user and they were unable to properly utilize the portal, which was the main factor in their lack of willingness to visit the platform on a frequent basis.

User Workflow

A persona-based design for the entire system that specifies the system's proper workflow and results in a great customer experience.

The system has a large number of users for a fintech company. The initial step was to confirm the user persona because the user processes are defined based on the user persona. The persona was chosen with the goal of removing duplicate processes in the existing system and making it more simple and easy to use.

Design Wireframes

With the help of wireframes we confirmed the user workflows which helped us to make the design elements

A well-thought-out architecture for the entire system that describes the system's proper workflow and results in a great customer experience. Designing wireframes was the ideal stage to decide what to do on each stage before moving on to visual design for a project with numerous user workflows.

High Fidelity Designs

Finely crafted screens that are easy to use for individuals of all ages

We made a lot of adjustments after the wireframing stage, which helped us figure out which design elements we needed and which components we could reuse. Furthermore, we must represent the business's broader corporate identity, generating a distinct impression for the new UX that fits the image of the brand.

Key Benefits

  • Re-imagined overall process and well optimised it
  • Persona based design system to improve the overall experience
  • Design driven approach for improved visuals


We were able to deliver on the customer's expectations; the overall system was re-imagined, and the procedure was well-optimized to improve the system's experience. Team delivered the assignment on schedule with front-end designs.

Customer Experience

Check the real time customer experience For this particular project

Examine the customer experience from the perspective of the CTO, who describes the services we delivered and shares his overall impressions.

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