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Published: December 29, 2021


It is now a thing of the past that companies used marketing strategy tools to convince customers to buy products. In this digital world, the relationship between a business and its customers has changed dramatically. Whether it is a new brand or old, companies these days have to evolve their online strategy to get the customers interested and retain their loyalty. One bad experience and the brand efforts done by a company over the years can come crumbling down.

We believe that it is necessary to understand the needs of the company’s customers and align the same with the business goals. Combining the two delivers an optimal experience that makes all the difference.

At Techytt, we’ve observed that businesses of all sizes have reaped enormous rewards from putting more emphasis on user experience. In our opinion, any firm attempting to succeed in the fiercely competitive market of today should use user-centered strategies.

Long-term ROIs can be increased with a strong focus on user experience design.

Current Notion

User Experience (UX) is a huge part of a successful business these days. Take up any major website, an e-commerce app, the software on your TV, technology design is everywhere. According to research, on average, every $1 invested in UX brings $10-100 in return.

It is a known fact that a better-looking and sophisticated visual design increases users’ trust in the brand and the products. Customers feel that the most important factor for evaluating how credible a product is by how professional its website looks. Customers subconsciously think that because a company’s web presence looks attractive and shows attention to detail, so must their products.

Understand the process

The UX is a tried and tested method for understanding the customers and users. To understand the customers, it is important to align the company’s business goals and conduct research. This research, combined with the cultural factors that make your company and product unique to get the right actionable results.

Data visualization, customer journey mapping, empathy mapping, creating personas, and prototyping are all incredibly are some of the tools and techniques used by designers to understand the customer experience. A technical designer is a right person who can deliver such results ultimately resulting in a better ROI of your product. These tools can then be used to regularly validate and refine the UX, creating a ‘Call to Action’ for your products.

Check out our professional UX Offerings, which set us apart from a typical design firm and have had a significant impact on the products of our customers. UX is not just about design and research; there are many more considerations that a UX agency must make.

If you’re interested in learning more about the requirements a UX firm must meet, please see one of our previously published blogs. It will explain what to look for in a design or product agency.

Advantages of having a UX friendly online business:


  1. Better understanding your customers
  2. Better user productivity
  3. The ROI is measurable, so there are options to learn and regrow, undo and do till better results are achieved
  4. Better brand loyalty and retention
  5. Increased sales
  6. Increased customer satisfaction
  7. Better reviews
  8. Positive impressions

The better the user experience, the more satisfied your customers will be and the more value they will see in your products and brand.It strengthens your brand loyalty and improves your reputation.

People are complex and it’s not easy to discover their wants and needs. This is often overlooked or wrongly handled by companies. In fact, failures of products and companies are often caused by a poor understanding of the market and target audience.

In order to understand how your customers use your product, UX research and prototyping are critical.Your products and experiences can be tailored to meet their needs if you listen to them. See what our clients have to say about our UX outputs and the advantages they received from having our tech-mates work on their digital products.


Some of the most innovative and successful products on the market today have been developed using user-centered approaches like Prime, Spotify, Netflix, and Magicbricks. They all address problems creatively and develop innovative solutions by combining design thinking and user experience research.

In the end, your brand’s future will be secured by the increase in customer happiness, reputation, brand recognition, and loyalty.

At Techytt India, we understand your business, conduct market research, can put you in touch with our clients, have a strong project management team and are updated with the latest market developments. We are up for any challenging projects from around the globe. We are the best UI/UX agency in Ahmedabad! Contact us to have a chat.


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